Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections 2012: Ganesha doesn’t foresee a clear-cut victory!


as the largest and the most populous state of India goes to the polls
on February 8th
2012, there seems to be a little clarity on the prospects of the
several parties or their candidates in the fray for the 403 Assembly
seats up for grabs. The present Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh,
Mayawati is a powerful figure in political circles, her
ambitiousness is not hidden from many. Her party Bahujan Samaj Party,
the ruling party in Uttar Pradesh, touted as India’s fastest
growing political party, is one of the frontrunners in these
elections. And, so are the other leading political parties including
Indian National Congress and Bhartiya Janata Party. Though
the UP poll picture is still very hazy, it is being viewed by most as
a direct war between Mayawati and Congress candidate and Gandhi scion
Rahul Gandhi, who seems to have made this election his personal war.
Rahul Gandhi, who hit the campaign trail in the state months ago to
establish a one-to-one contact with the grass-root level, has too
much at stake in this election. Defeating Mayawati in her own
backyard would be a huge achievement for Congress or, for that
matter, any political party. The results of this election could also
drastically alter the political equations of the ruling coalition in
the Centre, where Congress still has two more years to go before the
next Lok Sabha polls. The BJP with LK Advani at its helm and
Samajwadi Party with Mulayam Singh Yadav at its helm too have not
left any stone unturned in their efforts to wrest power in Lucknow.

will secure the prestigious victory in high profile UP elections
2012? Will Rahul Gandhi be able to establish himself as a mature
political leader and the future PM of India with these elections?
Myriad calculations and analyses present a confusing picture. There
may be some gains, some losses for all parties, and Ganesha finds out
the fortunes of each of them with the help of Vedic Astrology.

of Bhartiya Janata Party:

Name : Bharatiya Janata Party

: 06
April 1980

Time :
Place :
New Delhi

observes that natal Sun is posited in the 10th
House. Jupiter, being the ruler of the 10th
House has been transiting through the 11th
House and aspecting the 7th
House of public support. Saturn, being the signifier of democracy and
Lord of 9th
House of fortune is retrograde in the 5th

Ganesha expects that planetary forces are moving favourably for BJP
and hence, the party may perform better than expected this time. The
favourable transit of Rahu through the 6th
House indicates better support of social activists. Finally, Ganesha
feels that the party may receive higher number of seats than it had
in the previous elections.

of Congress (I):

Name : Indian National Congress (AICCI)

: 02
January 1978

Time :
Place :
New Delhi

observes that natal Sun is posited in Jupiter’s sign in the 10th
House. Jupiter is having a kind aspect on natal Sun and the 10th
House too. Saturn, being the Lord of 11th
House of gains is transiting in its retrogression through the 8th
House of difficulties. Moreover, transiting Mars is retrograde over
natal retrograde Saturn in the 6th

these combinations indicate that the party may try to appease voters
on the basis of caste-ism. A close conjunction of Saturn and Mars
through the 6th
House denotes that the overall reputation of UPA may also get spoiled
during this phase. This
should decrease its popularity and appeal during the election time.


Name : Mayawati
Date : January 15,1956
Time : 20:34:00
Place : Daulatpur, India

observes that she was born under the influence of Leo rising
ascendant with the presence of Jupiter in the 1st
House. At present, she is under the influence of Ketu return through
the 10th
House of political success. Benefic planet Jupiter is moving
favourably through the 9th
House of fortune. She is under the influence of Saturn–Jupiter–Venus
dasha cycle. All these dasha planets are representing powerful Houses
of her chart.

these planetary forces open up new opportunities for development on
the political front. But, this can be a very, very sensitive and
important phase in her political career. Due to the transit of Mars
over the ascendant, she is likely to take some incorrect decisions
for her party. Her expectations and desires regarding these elections
may be very high, but she should follow the principle of conservative
activism. There can be serious internal disputes and dissatisfaction
among senior party members, feels Ganesha.

Party :

Name :
: 04
October 1992

Time :
Place :

observes that Ketu has been transiting through the 6th
House of success in competition. Jupiter, being the ascendant Lord is
transiting through the 5th
House. Plus, Saturn has been transiting through the 11th

overall strength of planets in Samajwadi Party’s chart seems average
on political grounds, and the party may perform only slightly better
compared to previous elections. The affliction of natal Moon will
produce conservative emotionalism. Due to Ketu’s transit through the
House, frustration of party members will be at its peak.

the opposition of transiting Jupiter and Saturn will help Samajwadi
Party to get better exposure.


  • Considering
    all these planetary forces, Ganesha feels that elections in U.P will
    be quite tough for all political parties, but there will be some
    surprising alignment between parties to form a new government, as no
    party is expected to get a clear majority.

  • One
    look at the general picture, and it can be expected that this time
    the overall performance of BJP will be better than Congress.

  • All
    the political parties will try to appease the voters on the basis of
    caste-ism and religious sentiments.

  • This
    time, the voter’s mindset will be totally leader-centric and not

  • Within
    Mayawati’s Party, there may be some serious internal disputes and
    dissatisfaction among senior party members.

  • Mayawati
    will get lesser seats than her expectations.

  • A
    strong competition will be seen between Mayawati and Mulayam Singh.

  • As
    per Ganesha’s view, BSP may lose voters’ support, and there may be a
    marked decrease in their seats.

  • There
    will be a prominent rise in Samajwadi Party’s (SP) voters’ base, and
    they are likely to gain more seats than they had in the previous

  • Congress’
    voters’ base will increase, but not as per their expectations.

  • BJP
    will also gain in these elections, and something surprising
    concerning BJP, in all likelihood, shall happen at the time of
    results. This event will have lasting effects on the Indian
    political scenario.

Ganesha’s Grace,
GaneshaSpeaks Team.


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