Gujarat’s New Cabinet: How Will They Perform In Future?

Published on September 23, 2021

gurarat new cabinet


The new cabinet of the Gujarat government was formed at 1:30 pm on Sept 16, 2021. This change comes after the resignation of Vijay Rupani and the induction of Bhupendra Patel as the new chief minister of Gujarat.

In the new cabinet, some new faces are in while several existing ministers have been shown the door. Here is how the new CM Bhupendra Patel and his cabinet may perform in the time to come:

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In the horoscope of the new cabinet, Sun, Venus and Mercury are in their own houses while Mercury is in an exalted state. The influence of the four major planets has made the horoscope somewhat unpredictable. So, this government may be in the national focus. The government will make new policies but there will be problems in the implementation.

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